Quality Environment Safety and Social Accountability Policy

GAIA S.p.A., company which  manages urban and special non-hazardous waste mainly produced in the Asti area, commits itself to maintain and update its integrated management system (SGI) for quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001 - Regulation CE n. 1221/2009), administrative responsibility (D. Lgs. n. 231/01 and s.m.i), social accountability (SA8000), health and safety (OHSAS 18001) as means to lead the organization towards improved performance. Moreover, all the activities by GAIA refer to an Ethical Code approved by the Board of Directors.
GAIA S.p.A. ranks, among the main objectives to be pursued, the protection of safety and health in the workplace, preventing the onset of occupational diseases, the protection of the dignity and working conditions of personnel and environment protection.
GAIA S.p.A. believes that the continual improvement of health and safety, social and environmental issues is an important social commitment towards workers and the territory on which it operates. Moreover, the creation and the improvement of such conditions are considered as contributing significantly to the efficiency of the productive process and the company’s competitiveness in the market.
With this prospect GAIA suggests that for a period of three years will engage itself in the following actions:

•    The reduction of odorous emissions and the risks of health and safety of workers through revamping of composting plant, with possible inclusion of a anaerobic digestion section  for the production of electrical and thermal energy;
•    Improved performance of the service of waste treatment and recovery, through the revamping of the recycling plant.

To achieve these general objectives,  specific targets are formulated for each function and they are supported, where possible, by numerical parameters to control, which are defined, controlled and systematically updated during the annual reviews of the Integrated Management System by the Management. The results which are obtained are disclosed to all stakeholders in the most suitable ways (Environmental Statement, the Sustainability Report, the company website).
This policy is regularly reviewed in order to keep up to date and it is in line with the size, nature and business objectives. The policy is widespread to all stakeholders, especially workers, customers and suppliers, and it is posted on the company website. GAIA also aims to involve actively and gradually its own suppliers in the application of SA8000 requirements.
GAIA S.p.A. commits itself in maintaining legal compliance as well as continual improvement, implementing procedures, regulations and instructions to ensure that the values expressed in this policy and in its own Ethical Code are reflected in the behavior of each employee and collaborator.

DATE: 9th June 2015

The President of GAIA S.p.A.

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